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10 Bar Suction Delivery Hose
Water suction and delivery. Also suitable for mild chemicals and fertilizers in general industrial and agricultural applications
20 Bar Compressed Air Hose
Compressed air and general industrial applications.
Alikler G2 FQ Hose
Compressed air and general industrial applications
Biovast Blue FQ Wash Down Hose
For steam cleaning at temperatures up to +165°C and hot water washing in food processing plants. Also for transfer of hot liquid foodstuffs. Suitable for reel mounted applications.
Citerdial FQ Hose
For milk handling: tanker lorries for milk collection and transport, dairy unloading bays and stationary equipment, processing and filling plant. Also for transfer of other liquid foodstuffs such as wine, beer, cider, fruit juice, vinegar and alcohol up to 96%, with exception of fatty foodstuffs and oils.
Clear Braided PVC FQ Hose
Soft PVC hose with polyester yarn reinforcement, for the delivery of cooling liquids, chemical solutions, foodstuffs and compressed air.
Clear Wire Spiral PVC Hose
PVC hose with embedded reduced pitch galvanized steel spiral, for suction and delivery of food liquids.
Green Medium Duty Hose
Flexible PVC hose with rigid shock-resistant PVC spiral. Very flexible, good resistance to inclement weather, to crushing and to many diluted chemical products. Used for suction of water, irrigation systems, sewage drains and cesspits.
Layflat Hose
Flexible layflat PVC hose, with polyester yarn reinforcemente resistant to elongation, for pressurized delivery of liquids in general.
Multi-purpose Fuel Hose
Compressed air, water, fuel and oil delivery in general industrial applications
PTFE Convoluted Hose
A helically convoluted PTFE pressure hose, medium all, giving good flexibility, kink, and vacuum resistance. Sizes go from DN6 (1/4”) up to DN150 (6”). Also available in heavy wall.
PTFE Smooth Flow Hose
Ultra hygenic non-convoluted PTFE liner with stainless steel helix and a AISI 304 high tensile, stainless steel braid. The hose has exceptionally good vacuum and kink resistance properties for extreme performance.
Stainless Steel Flexible Hose
Annular hose made of series 300 stainless steel with up to 2 layers of braid, suitable for full vacuum up to 3190 psig (220 bar).
Steam Hose 18 Bar
Saturated and superheated steam hose.
Steam Hose 6 Bar
Saturated steam and hot water delivery in general industrial applications.
Superflex PUR Hose
Polyurethane permanently antistatic and self-extinguishing hose with copper-plated steel spiral, for suction and transport of dust, chips and abrasive material.
UHMWPE FQ Chemical Hose
Acid and chemical suction and delivery. Suitable for 98% of existing chemicals.
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