FIG34 / FIG37

Spirax Sarco

Y Strainer

The Fig 37 (SG Iron) & FIG 34 (Carbon Steel) are integrally flanged Y-type strainers designed to remove rust, scale and other debris from the pipeline.
The standard stainless steel screen in the DN15 to DN80 is 0.8 mm perforations and in the DN100 to DN200 it is 1.6 mm perforations.
As options other perforations and mesh sizes are available as well as monel screens.
The strainer cap can be drilled and tapped for blowdown and drain valves if required.

Sizes Available: 

DN15 - DN200 (½” – 8”)

*Technical Info to be used as a guide 
 Parameters may vary with size, media, pressure