Spirax Sarco

Steam Trapping Station

The STS17.2 compact pipeline connector steam trapping station has been designed to provide a convenient ready to install trapping solution, which includes: upstream and downstream isolation valves (2), body incorporating quickfit connector + strainer (1) and check valve blanking plug (16).

The STS17.2 is available with either single or double upstream isolation. The STS17.2 trapping solution incorporates Spirax Sarco quickfit technology, which allows speedy trap maintenance.

The following swivel connector steam traps (sold separately) can be used with this pipeline connector enabling it to be tailored to suit any application: -
UTD30 and UTD52 thermodynamic steam traps.
UBP32 balanced pressure steam trap.
USM bimetallic steam trap.
UFT32 ball float steam trap.
UIB30 and UIB30H inverted bucket steam traps.

Sizes Available: 

DN15 - DN25 (½” – 1”)

*Technical Info to be used as a guide 
 Parameters may vary with size, media, pressure